How to Sell Music on iTunes with a Digital Distributor

For musicians, writing and recording music is only half the battle – it’s only possible to find true success with a distributor. Music distribution is necessary for a musician looking to find more listeners, and our current digital age has transformed the way in which music distribution works. Previously, it was all about selling physical […]

Halt here before planning for your wedding!

Planning for a celebration which you want to remember all your life? Here is the solution that adds more values to your plans. When it comes to any celebration, venues hold a prominent place. Choosing the right venues can hike the events fun and gives better feeling to the people. My personal suggestion is to […]

A month enough for learning piano

Teaching piano to self is pretty difficult task. It will take months of months but you will not be able to learn piano properly.Sometimes it get more frustrating and disheartening if you invest so much time and not get success. So in this blog we will let you known how can you learn piano in […]


Are you tired of going to the cinema halls or movie halls you pay and only you find it boring because they repeat the movies you have watched over and over again or you go to buy a compact disc from the shop only to find movies that you already have. Don’t strain yourself anymore […]