8 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Know

We all know how music has become an essential part of our life nowadays, no matter where we go, whether it is a salon, a mall or a store there is always music playing. While listening to music can soothe your soul and make sure you have a good time, those who love music have […]

How to Sell Music on iTunes with a Digital Distributor

For musicians, writing and recording music is only half the battle – it’s only possible to find true success with a distributor. Music distribution is necessary for a musician looking to find more listeners, and our current digital age has transformed the way in which music distribution works. Previously, it was all about selling physical […]

A month enough for learning piano

Teaching piano to self is pretty difficult task. It will take months of months but you will not be able to learn piano properly.Sometimes it get more frustrating and disheartening if you invest so much time and not get success. So in this blog we will let you known how can you learn piano in […]

How to check for the copyrighted song?

All the music is copyrighted and everything is depending on how you are going to use that music. If you are intending to use it for the personal use then there you don’t have any problem. For an example, if you want to play on your smartphone or want to embed into your homemade video […]

Piano lessons

How to Master a Piano Lesson Faster than Expected

The piano is said to be the easiest instrument to learn, as you deal with notes individually. Piano pieces are also very familiar to the ears, thanks to exposure to different musical activities and influences. It is also among the most versatile instruments ever created, as you can play almost any song on it. Piano […]


If in this 21st century, I say, I don’t chat then I’m definitely not from this planet. ‘Chats’ are slowly and steadily taking over ‘Calls’. There are no ground for doubts that people these days prefer messaging over calling. The reason is very clear; the enormous number of chat apps emerging day by day. WhatsApp, […]

4 Know about the best guitar

A best guitar should have exemplary features like great looks, attractive features, smart materials and fantastic designs. The guitars that are sold in this website have all the above ingredients that will match the expectations of the buyers. The guitarists will become flamboyant and affluent once they use these best model guitars. This guitar will […]