3 Things to look while picking entertainers for parties

Hiring entertainers for children always seems to be like a very simple task to accomplish. All you have to do is pick any clown and they will know how to make your children laugh right? The fact could not be further than the truth as many parents are often left astounded when the people whom they have so carefully interviewed before selecting them as entertainers for children seem unable to do just that; keep the child happy.

Have you ever heard someone saying to someone else how their eyes seem to sparkle whenever that person smiles? This is an expression that is normally given to people who don’t just have a nice smile but an honest one as well. Children may lack the ability to talk like an adult would but they are very keen on picking up the auras or smiles of the adults around them. Despite their young age, they will be able to pick up whether the adult entertaining them is someone who is warm and friendly, or just cold.

The solution is simple, when you are out looking for your next few entertainers for children make sure to bring your child along. Have your child and this person play together for a bit while you take a step back and observe the situation. If your child openly laughs and runs up to the entertainer, then you’ve definitely got a winner!

Parents often think that just as long as the entertainers for children look the part, the children themselves should be fooled into having a good time. The fact is true that while a great looking costume will wow the kids especially in a themed party event, the reality is that it often requires more effort on the part of the entertainer to bring smiles to the children.

The entertainer themselves should not only look the part, but play the part as well. Lack of showmanship skills is guaranteed to bring about mediocre performances that will make both child and parent groan in despair. Obviously if the kids find themselves in this situation, you can bet it won’t be long before someone decides to yell and the rest of the kids will follow suit.

In order to solve this problem, take a look at the entertainer’s qualifications or if they have any certifications. If any one of them ever came from a juggling class or took unicycle lessons before, this would make them more preferable above other entertainers for children who don’t have the skills.