Choose the room size based on the number of participants

The dedicated party host will wait in the private rooms and arrive at the end of the party. The users who have any queries about the packages can feel free to contact us during the normal business hours. There is a limited package available at our company so you call for details to make your bookings at a party place for kids. You will have access to the private room until the end of the party. The toddler takes over parties are also arranged during the school break hours. The number of paid participants will have the facility to choose the room size. The participants will be offered a room either in the upstairs or downstairs based on their room number. You can select the theme which you like the most as there are many types of themes available. The guests who participate in any activity should sign a liability waiver for the company.

Submit the waiver through online:

The company lobby or the online mode can be used to complete the waivers. You should check out the validity date of the waiver before you participate in any activity. The legal guardian or parent should sign the waiver if the participant is below the age of 18 years. You will be allowed to participate in any activity if you attend with your guardian as the guardian can submit the waiver through online. The own party host will be assigned to the participant during the time of the party. If you are planning to participate in any activity then it is completely your responsibility to take care of your belongings. The party host will make sure that the party will run smoothly. The company will also provide special packages based on the request of the users.

Participate in the cosmic play:

If you have any queued about the group rates at a party place for kids then you can contact our event staff to know about the event prices. If the trampoline socks aree in a good condition then you can reuse them. The main court and trampoline can be accessed during the toddler time. You can know more about the special times and pricing if you visit our website. The certain level of athletic ability is required in an athletic course. If you want to participate in the cosmic play then a fluorescent shirt is required. You can purchase the gift cards for any amount as they are always available in the park. The shirts are available in various ranges which you purchase in the park. The trampolines can be accessed particularly during the toddler time if you have already made a reservation for any event. The valid waiver is required by the participant to participate in any event.