Fun FactsYou did not Know about Netflix

Founded in 1997, Netflix is now the leader of the streaming market with more than 137 million subscribers throughout the world. Most Internet users may think that they know everything about this huge and famous platform and if it is your case, do not be so sure. Here are fun facts that you probably do not know about the American famous website.

The Streaming Service’s Original Name was Totally Different

Can you now imagine your digital life without Netflix and its movies and series? Know that this appellation has nearly failed to become real.Marc Randolph, the company co-founder, affirmed that streaming site was originally called Kibble.We will never if Kibble would have been as successful as Netflix. Anyway, Randolphsaid that this former name was just a placeholder. He also explained that they chose it to remember the public that a product cannot bea success unless “the dogs eat the dog food”. Yes, these are his own words!

You Can Enhance the Sound on Netflix with Nahimic Software

Most of the time, the subscribers just select the film or the series they want to watch on theplatform. But know that you can improve your streaming experiences by installing an efficient software on your PC or Mac. Indeed, you can get a better sound on Netflix with Nahimic. Even if you use plain speakers or headsets, the quality of the sound will be much higher thanks to this French software.

The Netflix Awkward Test Film is still Available Online

Do you thinkHouse of Cards was the first original content produced by Netflix?No, the platform’s first original series was in fact a 2010 project named Example Show. It is a goofy (and funny) 11 minutes test video in which the “star” of the show performs feats like moon-walking while holding a laptop and reciting a monologue from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Example Show is still on the Internet if you want to have fun.

Netflix: 15% of the World’s Internet Traffic.

We all know that Netflix is undefeated in the VOD and streaming market but what Sandvine, a Bandwidth management company, said about it is completely impressive. As a matter of fact, the service accounted for 15% of global internet trafficas of 2018. Apparently, this percentage could have been even three times higher if Netflix didn’t compress its videos.

Netflix once Hosted its Own Awards Ceremony

The unique event was called The Flixies and took place in 2013. The viewers voted for their favorite movie or series. The streaming video service launched a dedicated site that allows the subscribers to vote on a set of “best of” movies and TV shows. For some reason, the awards ceremony was never repeated.