Guide on how to host a Birthday party at a Family Fun Centre

Birthdays are often days to remember- from adding one more year, collecting greeting cards, opening presents and blowing the candles on your cake to the memorable parties, it’s a day that does more than just having fun but also helps to appreciate the ones who spent the past year with us. This is why birthday parties are often more enjoyed when celebrated with family and friends. Hence, the need to host your birthday parties at a Family Fun Centre.

You might be wondering “What is a Family Fun Centre?”

A Family Fun Center is a small amusement park that’s dedicated towards families with small children to teenagers, and often entirely indoors or associated with a larger operation such as a theme park. It’s an ideal venue for a birthday party which guarantees uniform pleasure for everyone.

Why Host Your Birthday Party in a Family Fun Centre?

Big Ideas on Small Budget: With series of fun activities like the roller coaster, and other arcade games lined up in a conducive environment large enough to take in all of your party ideas, you can easily save cost without compromising on the level of fun you intend to provide.

All-Weather Option: With most Family Fun Centres like the Glo mini golf is designed to provide memorable fun time among family and friends in an indoor setting, you don’t have to worry about any weather change disrupting your party. Now you can party with a rest of mind!

Fun for All: Featuring a wide range of fun activities to get everyone engaged, and dedicated towards families with small children to teenagers, Family Fun centres guarantee premium fun for every member of your guest.

Maximum Safety: With most activities often done indoors or associated with a larger operation such as a theme park which has been checked for user safety, you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety during plays or fun games.

From these points above you can see that Family Fun Centres are very fun to be in and they provide the ideal setting for a family time, creating memories and helping to improve family bonding through fun activities.

However, having a memorable celebration is not just down to the number of guests or family members that attend but also on the venue and effective planning. This can be interesting and at the same time, it can be really stressful. This stress can lead to confusion about the best things to consider during the planning stage. However, to help remind you, we have come up with a definitive guide to helping you have a fun-filled party.

Have a Budget: This is a no-brainer! You might already have an idea based on previous parties you’ve had. However, you can also consult a fun centre to have an idea of their party venue charge. Then, you can set your budget at the high, medium or low end depending on your financial circumstances. This helps you have a better idea of how much you can put into each section of your party.

Theme: When preparing for your party and selecting the right fun centre for you, it is important to have a theme in mind so as to enable you to organize invitations, decorations, games, crafts, and food channelled to that idea. By doing this, you can easily make plans that reflect your interests- whether sports theme, a dinosaur bash or a mini golf idea.

Guest List and Invitation: There can’t be a party without guest right? So, it is very important that you have a guest list in order to have an idea of the number of guests coming and their locations as this will help have a better idea on the family fun centre to go for and what location is best suited. You don’t want your guests arriving with a tired look after a long drive!

Entertainment: This is one edge Family Fun Centres have over other venues for birthdays. They provide a wide range of fun activities, including games like the Roller Coaster rides while some provide Theme parks. You can contact a wide range of party centres to know the types of activities and games they have in stock so as to select the one that best fits your party theme. In most cases, Fun Centres have an all-inclusive fun activity reach that ensures every member of the family is engaged, whether young, old, male or female. A perfect example is the Glo Mini Golf.

Food: What is a party without food? This is one of the reasons why it is important to have a party theme and guest list as it helps to better understand the kind of refreshment that will best suit the occasion. Some people see the cake as the focal point of a birthday party while others are more after the drinks and side dishes, so we recommend that you understand your invited guests before making a choice on the food to prepare.

Seek Help: We can’t emphasize this enough! Everything will get a lot easier if you can have someone to assist with the whole process. You can brainstorm ideas and how best to utilize your budget better.

Expect the Unexpected: No matter the party, the hardest thing to prepare for is the unexpected. Therefore, we recommend that you brace yourself and be sure to have some extras on hand in case of uninvited party crashers.

A birthday party is usually a fun and interesting activity but organizing one in a Family Fun Centre like the Glo Mini Golf is a whole new level of fun. This is because it provides maximum fun for every member of the family and your esteemed guests. However, having the above set will help go further in achieving an organized party without missing on some important things needed.

Oh, one last thing- Remember to have fun!