Questions to Ask Your Vocal Coach If You Want to Master Singing

Questions to Ask Your Vocal Coach If You Want to Master Singing

Why are you currently enrolled in singing lessons? Well, some people enrolled in such class in order to develop their singing abilities, while there are also others who aim to master the craft. If you are among the latter, then it is important that you have a set of goals to work on in order to become a very good and versatile singer later on.

One of the ways to begin with mastering the art of singing is by levelling off with your vocal coach. It is important that your coach knows the objectives that you have to hit while studying under his or her tutelage, and from there you can work hand-in-hand in mastering singing.

Among the questions to ask your vocal coach include:

  1. Do they specialize on your desired music genres?

It can be difficult with a coach who specializes on classical music when your genre delves on modern and contemporary songs, so it is important that you ask your teacher on the areas he or she is most abreast with. Many teachers claim to be knowledgeable in various music genres as they want to teach everyone, but only a few of them have actually mastered a particular style.

Hence, when seeking a coach, better ask potential teachers the areas in which they are most familiar to teach, so that you two can start working at a common ground.

  1. Does your coach practice the craft?

You cannot practice what you preach, says a popular cliché. The same applies to vocal coaches, as when they can sing a song, then how else can they teach singing to others?

Singing is a craft that is learned through thorough demonstration instead of theoretical lectures. Hence, it is downright important that you are working with a teacher who can physically show you the concepts that they are sharing with you. While they don’t have to be masters such as Myles Kennedy or Oliver Sykes, it is a must that they are able to show proficiency in the lessons they want to convey.

It’s more than just be able to hit a tune; a good vocal coach is also one who knows the ins and outs of the craft, from having a deep understanding of the music industry to knowledge in recording and live performing.

  1. Have they produced good singers?

There are coaches who, despite not being the best singers, have already honed the talents of the great singers. Hence, it would be helpful if you ask your coach on who among today’s singers has he or she trained, or the list of students who are now good singers because of their classes. This is because you have to work with someone who is not only good in the craft, but rather someone who knows how to guide you overcome the challenges of singing. This is because it is through them that you are able to hit your goals as a master singer.

  1. What technique do they use?

Lastly, it is also essential that you work with a teacher who uses a technique you can easily understand. You may want to study the singing method the teacher imparts to his or her students, and if the method makes sense to you, then it would be easier to learn the lessons they are going to teach in the long run.

It is also important that your vocal coach realizes your weaknesses and areas of opportunity in honing your talent, and provides sound recommendations as to whether you have to undergo individualized training or stay with a group session. Since singing is a talent that has to be honed in order to develop, your vocal coach must be able to realize how to address your challenges, as from there you can let go of your inhibitions and improve on your craft.