Unique conference venues in London

Unique conference venues in London

Conferences are not always inspiring the imagination. They are crucial, brilliant and indispensable but sometimes you will feel like an afternoon break in the secondary school. The conference attendees are confined in the long hot days in the study and the windowless room with little or no distraction from the slide which going after by after in the PowerPoint.

These types of the conference are now out. London is in the heart of complete re-imagination for the conference events. They are rooting new ideas for how and what should be expected in the conference venue. Here is the sample example of the unique conference venues, which are available all around London.

Studio Spaces E1

This is originally a nightclub, which is now converted into the traditional conference venue. They are having the unique approach and it is very popular now. They can hold the conference for all shapes and the sizes.




This is the wine-infused nightclub. This is revel by the night owls who are flocking to this underground vault for the decadent club. However, in the daytime, this unusual venue can be adapted, for whatever which you can dream up for the unusual venue.

RSA House

This is a traditional offering but when you see this club you will get mesmerized with the opulence and the beauty of this townhouse in London. It is very luxurious and purposefully builds the conference venues and the meetings.

Under the Bridge

This club is having the state-of-the-art technology which combines with the interior design make it a brilliant unique conference venue. The set-up is prepared for absorbing and engaging the audience while there are also fun interiors which are offering the unusual setting for the unforgettable event.


It is set–up in the art deco cinema where you will be getting the larger space and which is surprisingly in a central location. This is having a very strong sense of character, which is perfect for the large-scale events. If you do not want to lose, your identity then gracepoint is the best-undiscovered option for you, which are coming under the category of unusual conference venues.

If you want to take your event to the next level then there are also other various exclusive option for the property, which will make your event a grand success. They are ensuring the complete security and the private confidential environment.

These unusual corporate venues can be used for the hiring of the events, conference, meetings, team building, and incentives.

If you are also in search of the exclusive property, which is ideal for the corporate event then browse the Top properties section in the website and you will see the featured venues for the corporate event. You can also do the quick inquiries by sending them the email or contacting them directly on call.