What is an animatic?

Films and animations production is done in stages. There is the development of the script for the production, and then the script is transformed to motion pictures through the use of storyboards. A storyboard is normally a static sequence of pictures displayed one after the other with the aim of fore-viewing a film, animation or interactive media. A storyboard combines images brought together to make a movie file, soundtracks and dialogues or audio. An animatic can be described as an introductory stage of a film brought forth by making sequential pieces of a storyboard and inputting a soundtrack. Every film or advert feature that is played had an animatic made for it.

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What are animatics used for?

Animatics are used in various ways depending on the reason for which they were being produced.They come in handy in the advertising industry to test commercials. In live action films production, animatics are employed before the actual film is shot to preview the scenes. While producing animations and video games, they are employed in the pre-production stages.in all these instances, animatics help to define the picture and to ensure the main message is passed across as effectively as possible. Animatics offer the opportunity to check on those sections that can be trimmed to reduce the videos total length.

What are the various Types of animatics?

There are majorly two types of animatics:

2d animatics

These are usually made by making drawings directly into the computer and getting them colored digitally. They are supplied in layers of files of drawings with the moving parts separated by illustrators. The biggest advantage of this type is that the majority of animators are well versed with various widely used art programs thus if any changes are needed such as color, the animator will do the changes and reduce any delay in production.

3d animatics

These use 3d models other than drawings. They bring out the depth perception.in the past,3d animatics were all that were used irrespective of the script.The important point worth noting is that some scripts work better as 2d while others as 3d.

Other kinds of research materials that can be classified as animatics are:


They are films produced using photos of actors modeled and taken on the location or in the studio and the put on to photographic or drawn backgrounds.


These are films that are products of sections from movies, TV programs or magazines.

Mood films:

They are as stealomatics but in addition they are cut to music. The intention is usually to give the client a feel for the final product but not to explain the story of the envisioned end script.


The film producers or advertising agencies invest time and money and other resources to produce animatics to check on the workability of the ideas.Any issues that may arise are dealt with appropriately to ensure the final product is a masterpiece.