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Even though today hip-hop is considered the same as rap music, it began as a cultural movement dating back to the 1970s. Back then, it was not just a word used for music, but it represented dance, art, as well as style for different sections of society. From a drummer using a breakbeat to the launch of a hip hop album, all throughout history, the music form had evolved over the years. Today, it has become a global phenomenon with both artists and audiences in Paris, Cape Town and London. Today hip hop in the form of musical and global culture is growing. And it has forced us to analyse how we identify with the music creators, the hip hop artists, and the art that they produce. Evaluation of hip hop culture aids us to value the contemplated forms and also enhances our view of the culture bringing in diversity. Hip hop is not just a genre today, it is a cultural movement that sweeps away not just music, but also fashion and dance. If you are someone who loves being updated with all the hip hop news today and the latest cultures in the hip hop culture related to artists, Hiphop Vibe is your one-stop destination. They provide you with all the ultimate news for not just music, and celebrities but also entertainment.

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Elements of the Hip Hop Culture

There are primarily four elements that are considered as the foundation components of hip- DJ-ing/turntablism, B-boying/breaking, MC-ing/rapping, and visual/graffiti art.  DJ-ing is concerned with deliberate manipulation of the turntable which changes a musical platform to a musical instrument, which its own arsenal sounds. Whereas, b-boying is the body’s response to the breakbeats. Even though sometimes rap and hip hop are considered synonymous, they are entirely different, and rap is just an element of hip hop. Every component has a separate set of artisans and audiences. Today, from each of the street corners of the globally connected stage, hip hop has expanded to become one of the most prominent musical genres. However, there were numerous challenges for the music industry in the 21st century. The commencement of streaming services online had a drastic impact on hip hop. But, with such changes and shifts in the delivery of music, it has successfully influenced musicians and has retained its prominence. Although the future of the industry is uncertain, the cultural form is here to remain. Whether it is dance or fashion, politics or culture, hip hop largely captures every aspect of America’s culture. This was evident from the president referencing Jay Z in the 2008 electoral campaigns. Now, it is the best selling music genre in the US.