Euro Truck Simulator 2-Understanding Truck And The Need For a Garage


The truck is the main component of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game and hence it is essential that you are very well aware of the same. As a player, you might have played many car simulator games but Euro Truck Simulator 2 herunterladen involves a truck and is completely different. Therefore it is important that you get used to its features and specifications. Unlike the cars, the truck simulators do not have faster accelerations and much depends upon the type of the engines. The braking distance of these trucks is quite long and if you wish to change it is can be done in the options tab. The third thing is that it is very important to maintain the trailer stability. Decreasing your speed before the turnings is a more realistic approach to the game. Just like the cars, there is a cruise control mode also available in the truck. When a truck reaches a certain speed the cruise control mode can be enabled.

Next comes the dashboard another important part of the truck. There are various indicators designed on it like the speed, revolutions, cruise control, and others. Also, there is a display in the dashboard where the fuel levels and your range is displayed. Once you are aware of the truck features it is time to focus on the driving. An important learning here is to understand when to overtake. If there are two to three lanes or the road is wide enough then overtaking is not an issue.  But when the roads are narrow you need precision and skill. Pay close attention to the trailer behind as it might accidentally hit the other vehicles.

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Apart from driving parking, the trailer is also equally significant. Parking the trailer at the right place after the delivery of the order gives you experience point. There is a place called quarry where it is easy to park as there is a lot of space available. Next important point of consideration is the control of the steering. When you need to reverse the trailer find the perfect position put the reverse gear and then start rotating the steering. Turning it too fast might turn the vehicle violently and leading you to lose control of the vehicle. In Euro Truck Simulator 2 herunterladen  the garage also plays an important role. Before buying a truck it is important that you have the space to park it. The game offers you three types of garages in totality.  The first one in the list is the smallest garage that you have when you start the game. An upgrade to the small garage can be made for EUR 180,000. The next upgrade to the big garage can be made with EUR 100,000. With a big garage, you also have another advantage of having a gas station nearby. In the garage manager window, there is an upgrade button that can be used to expand the garage through various levels. There are many other aspects of the game that is worth a read. One can find many additional resources available online.