There are differentfun and educative TV stations and radio programs people watch and love to watch when they are in the country where the programs is done. Most times, people living outside the home country desire to benefit from these stations or web contents but are restricted. Also, people who used to watch it when they were in the country can’t access the stations again because of change of location or when they travel our of the country for holidays or any other engagement. Some of the interesting United Kingdom TV stations are Doctor Who, movies, and others. Fortunately, there are ways that have it possible for you to watch and enjoy these programs done in different United Kingdom stations like ITV, Sky, BBC when you are away from United Kingdom. Through this platform, watch BBC, Sky, CNN, and others too numerous to mention is now possible.


BBC iplayer or iplayer as known by others grants all the permission to watch your favourite stations at the comfort of your home outside United Kingdom, at anytime and any day using mobile devices like iPhone, android, tablet and computer laptop and desktop system. Watching of all channels that are legalized in United Kingdom is possible through iplayer. You can learn more about it by visiting website is designed in a user-friendly interface for easy understanding. Reading how to access United Kingdom based TV stations on the website is done at easy. A video to learn this was uploaded to make it more understanding for you.


IP address otherwise called internet protocol address in full is the reason for the restriction. Websites are built to look up the IP address of your real location at a particular time. When the IP address of your location is different from the one accessed by the website, restriction is placed on you. Accessing such websites to watch videos, music, or any other program is hindered. You can’t change the IP address of your location but through many privacy tools, your IP address can’t be hidden from such website site or United Kingdom stations. Privacy tools are tools that masks IP address so as to grant people access to any web and web contents, any United Kingdom TV and radio stations. When it is hidden, you are granted permission to view the web contents. It is easy to do this by visiting

There are many privacy tools or VPN tools that are used to perform this function. They include identity cloaker. This is a security software with a lot of servers in different countries. Through these servers, watching any United States station is possible.