Watch Korean Drama Series in English now

Watch Korean Drama Series in English now

When you want to know the culture of a place, then drama is a big phase of living the unknown and gaining a comprehensive know-how. It gives you the true picture of how the culture has grown up and how it has transformed. It brings in the history into limelight. It is the most excellent guide to vividly experience what is old and new to any region and absorb the best cream of the culture of that region. If you are thinking about visiting Korea, then considering watching some of the best Asian drama series on 123movies is a great way to understand the culture, traditions, heritage, emotions and lot more about the continent

Top Asian dramas on 123movies for your watch

For the last few decades Korean drama has been at its peak in terms of popularity. However, you need not worry about the language barrier – all of these dramas are available with English subtitles.

  • The drama name “Monster” includes many top actors and has been running successful shows all around for a long time.
  • Other famous Korean drama shows include “Faith”, “Ghost”, “City Hunter”, and “Big”.


All these stories have gained huge popularity over time and are watched by people of all age groups equally. The shows also gather a lot of foreign crowd as the online video uploaded get more and more views and hits each day. The specialty of both these drama shows apart from breath taking and heart touching story lines are that they capture the cultural growth and changes in the world in the Asian countries very well. So when Korea is in your list, do not miss these shows to know more about the place before you experience it on your own. All that you need to do is to open the website and begin watching for free!

How about Korean Dramas?

Korean dramas have been popular since the year 2000 and have won the hearts of every Asian globally. The romantic comedy is supposed to be the best of its kind with full houses and running for a longer duration.

If you are deeply interested in watching these dramas there are free places on web where you can download them and see at your leisure time. It would be a thrilling experience to watch Asian drama online for free on 123movies.

Other Asian Drama Series

If you wish to add more spice and revel in the drama series, you can also opt to watch the drama series from Taiwan, China and even Japan. All of these series are also available for free with English subtitles.