3 Top Justin Bieber Songs To Download Right Now!

3 Top Justin Bieber Songs To Download Right Now!

When the talk is about the pop culture rising up in the present times, singers like Madonna might be on the top in the industry, but the fact cannot be altered that even Justin Bieber is a loved artist in the same genre and he has and he has proved himself many a times. The one thing that has absolutely remained similar is the exponential growth of music. The quality of the type of music has increased substantially if compared from the past.

Each one of us have a diffident opinion about him some love him madly and some are not such big fans of his work but by any ways he is known to be an extremely talented singer who can also be a songwriter, even a musician, and at times even a great dancer. He is the kind of total package that many people enjoy his piece of works. Also, not to forget that his choice of collaborators is highly impressive to the masses.

Let us now know about the 3 top best Justin Bieber songs to download that will make your playlist even more happening and fun.

  1. “Love Yourself”

The song “Love yourself” is on number 3 on the list of songs by Bieber in our list. It can easily be termed as one of the best songwriting tracks done by the young legend. Also we cannot forget to give a big nod to Ed Sheeran for the assistance that he lend to Justin with the song writing of this beautiful track. It is a simple number with mostly Bieber singing and an acoustic guitar playing in the background. It is a simple number and a humming tune that was accepted and loved by many across the world and it falls under our list at no. 3 in our top songs by the young heartthrob.

  1. “Despacito” (Remix)

Whether you hate it or you love it, it is not possible to ignore this amazing t remix of “Despacito” which can easily be called as of the most loved and celebrated tracks by Justin Bieber in his entire career. This turned out to be the first time when he has sung a song in language of Spain for his fans who listen to him across the world. The song was well appreciated by the masses and most of the people downloaded the song for the upcoming parties and jam sessions with the friends.

  1. “Baby”

Justin Bieber was actually 16 years of age when this song was released, though he looks and sounds even younger in the song, he was talented enough to make the whole globe go gaga over this track. It was one of the favorites among the teenagers of those times. This song by this legendary young vocalist might be your lovely teenage playlist humming jam back in the year 2009 and 10, with its effing pop tune buzzing in everyone’s ears. When the song was playing in India, it pushed all the other latest Bollywood songs back for all the young and middle-aged people loved it a lot in the county.