8 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Know

We all know how music has become an essential part of our life nowadays, no matter where we go, whether it is a salon, a mall or a store there is always music playing. While listening to music can soothe your soul and make sure you have a good time, those who love music have a hard time complying with others choice. I am pretty sure that all the music lovers have encountered a specific situation where they couldn’t take it anymore. Every music lover should go to the site and see the numerous offers that greenlight provides. Here are a few problems that are entirely relatable

When others can’t spot covers

Most of the times, the main issue that occurs is that people do not realize that the song that they are listening to are actually covers. What irritates a music lover more than anything is when credit is given to the wrong singer.


This can be relatable to all those people who don’t love music too. Know how you feel while waiting for the next season of the game of thrones? Well waiting for the upcoming music album is harder.

Listening to other people’s playlist

Well if you love music, you surely have your own playlist filled with an exquisite selection of songs. The problem arises if you’re in a situation where you don’t control the music. Such as your friend’s car, or the supermarket or any club you go too. You are sure to find it hard to help yourself from criticizing music taste that isn’t yours.

Tangled earphones

While tangled earphones irritate everyone, a music lover can not bear the thought of tangled earphones. While friends of mine are entirely comfortable with plugging in their earphones and not bothering about it that much I can’t listen to anything until I’ve got them untangled.

Can’t find the song

While this may irritate anyone, a true music lover can’t function without knowing the song. Thanks to technology, however, there are many applications that you can download on your phone, and they can find the song for you.

Can’t attend all the music events

People who love music have a hard time accepting the reality that they can’t attend all the music festivals they want to. Just because its hard doesn’t mean that they don’t try, they work extra jobs and try to save up for the events all the time.

Always being told to turn it down

Majority of readers will agree that music sounds ten times more better if it loud. Music lovers love loud music, and a problem that they usually face is continuously being told to turn it down.

Lyrics get stuck

We’ve all been in a situation when you go around humming a catchy commercial or song all day long even if they don’t like it. Well, music lovers have the same problem, and it often is a cause of embarrassment. Music lovers are continually thinking about music and therefore often come up with music references that no one understands.

About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. She regularly posts at Green Light Booking.