How to check for the copyrighted song?

All the music is copyrighted and everything is depending on how you are going to use that music.

If you are intending to use it for the personal use then there you don’t have any problem. For an example, if you want to play on your smartphone or want to embed into your homemade video which you are not intending to monetize. If it is for educational and commercial purpose and you want to add that music or upload into the YouTube then you have to be very careful and have to follow all the rules.

 How to know if a song is free from copyrights?

A great way to know for the rights of the song is to see the YouTube music policies section.

When you click and logged into your account then you will see the search box.

In that, you are able to add the name of the song under the copyright section. When you found your corresponding song then click on the small arrow which is appearing on the left of its title. Then the pop up would open with all the instructions.

You would see in the policies about which countries in the world it is skewed to use the original song for a video. There is also the interpretation of the cover is given.

For an example, if we want to take the Enrique Iglesias song then some of its videos would not be available in Germany and Switzerland. These countries are having more restrictive policies and the author of the song is allowed to make money by placing ads in the video.

What can be done for prevention of this?

If a song is not appearing on the YouTube music policy then it would be under copyright and maybe it would not into the database. The best thing we can do is not to take the risk as it is possible that our account would be blocked and we are exposed to the legal problems.

We have to use the rotary free music and then we can follow the guidelines.

A very good alternative to the YouTube videos it’s to use its own audio library, where we would able to download thousands of royalty free music and that too from many different genres. You have to consider the attribution only.

The meaning of attribution is that we have to tell about the author of the music in the description of the video.

If you are looking for more deep for the topic then you have to read and research more about it.

Music for commercial projects and free from copyrights

If you want the high-quality music for video games, commercials, television, radio or the movies then you can sheet acquire the relevant license for it?