If in this 21st century, I say, I don’t chat then I’m definitely not from this planet. ‘Chats’ are slowly and steadily taking over ‘Calls’. There are no ground for doubts that people these days prefer messaging over calling. The reason is very clear; the enormous number of chat apps emerging day by day. WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, WeChat and numerous others are reigning over the social media platform as they are used by millions of users all over the globe. Here comes the role of ‘message tones’.

The wide range of area that ringtones cover incorporate the vital collection of message tones. People tend to set different tones for their WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS etc according to their properties.

More the apps, more is the need for message tones. Let’s discuss about some popular chat apps and the apt tones for them-

  • The Generation Old SMS:
  • Short and quick beep.
  • Since use of SMSs these days are limited to commercial and marketing messages, people prefer setting the tone as a simple beep.
  • The Giant Player, WhatsApp!
  • WhatsApp is an app used by the young and old alike. The WhatsApp account of every user is flooded with texts, audios and videos every time. Choosing a nice tone to set for your WhatsApp has now become important.
  • Short and Simple ones: The most opted tones are short, yet audible ones that include a beep, a whistle tone, knock sound etc.

  • There are some jolly, fun loving WhatsApp users: For such users, there are some funny message tones available that include funny sound effects, short funny sayings etc.
  • Mysterious and Spooky Choice: Perfect for the James Bond and Agatha Christie in you.
  • Messenger, WeChat and Others:

People usually don’t keep the same tone for each chat app they use in order to differentiate them from one another. This is why the collection for message tones is expanding day by day. People’s preferences might differ, but never the need for a new tone. There are also some exclusive tones created for each such app. These include short sayings and special tones.

The creative human mind will always come up with something more creative and also the quickly ‘getting bored’ psyche of human beings will always demand for something new. Hence, there will never be a shortage of tones to choose from. The current pace at which such apps are being used, there are no two opinions in the fact that message tones’ popularity would increase even more in the coming future. These apps are being updated timely to keep the users’ interest alive and so do the message tones. They are being modified according to the latest trends so that they can match up with changing times.

All you have to do is explore the abundant world of ringtones and at the same time, enjoy the free services provided. Go online and do unlimited downloading! Message tones are the need of the hour. Let your phones make some sound.