Different Types of Acoustic Guitars and How to Choose the Best One?


If you are a music lover, you might be keen on learning how to play the guitar. Before starting your guitar sessions, you’ll need a guitar to start the things off. In this article, we will let you know about all unique acoustic guitars and how to choose the best one amongst them. An acoustic guitar is a non-electrical instrument, and so, it doesn’t need electricity like the electric guitars. Let’s dwell more in-depth into the different types of acoustic guitars:

Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

Jumbo acoustic guitar is meant to be on the heavier side. It is louder than the other guitars and has more bass to it. If you are a bass lover, go for this guitar. Before choosing the right one, make sure that you check on the mid frequencies. If they are getting neglected due to the heavy bass, check out the other pieces.

Classical Acoustic Guitar

Classical guitars are the best guitars for the beginners who are just thinking of learning how to play an acoustic guitar. The best way you can play this guitar is by sitting down. The strings are plucked by the fingernails or by finger themselves. In other types of guitars, the musicians use a plectrum to pluck the guitar strings. Their strings are made of Nylon.


Twelve strings guitar

A standard acoustic guitar has six strings by which musical tones are created. However, if you want more specific tonality and variations in your music, you should go for twelve strings acoustic guitar. It is one of those unique acoustic guitars which produce natural chorus and has a ring to it.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar?

While shopping for an acoustic guitar, there are many factors you should consider before concluding. The wood quality should be your first priority. Different acoustic guitars are made of different types of tone-woods. These tone-woods are responsible for the quality of a guitar and the kind of tone it has in its music. A solid tone wood guitar will have a better music fusion than a laminated top wooden guitar.

Guitar tops should be made of Cedar and Spruce as they are considered as the best wood for a guitar top construction. For the beach and sides, Rosewood and Maple wood is known as the best types of wood.

The second factor you need to consider before finalizing on an acoustic guitar is its shape and size. Different guitars are suited for different types of people and their respective personalities. You will have to find out the kind of a guitar which suits your personality. It might be a dreadnought or a classical guitar that suits you. Or, it can be jumbo or a super jumbo acoustic guitar. You should try and check them all out before coming to a decision. All of these guitars are unique in nature, and they have distinctive tones to offer. It also depends on the kind of music you’d want to play.

Always bring a friend with you for the shopping who knows how to play the guitar. The experience matters. Another advantage of this is that you can check the music texture from a distance too. That is important, as well.