How to Sell Music on iTunes with a Digital Distributor

For musicians, writing and recording music is only half the battle – it’s only possible to find true success with a distributor. Music distribution is necessary for a musician looking to find more listeners, and our current digital age has transformed the way in which music distribution works.

Previously, it was all about selling physical music to stores, but now the process is done almost entirely online, and it has quickly revolutionised the industry. Now, people don’t need to work tireless for the chance get a distribution deal from a record label- they can do it completely by themselves.

With digital music stores such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, there has never been a better time to be an independent musician looking to sell their music. You can cut out the middlemen by going straight to a digital distributor and selling your music directly to platforms like iTunes.

Choosing a Digital Distributor

There are many online music distribution platforms available. What platform works best depends on your own needs, budget, and goals, so check out some of these tips for choosing the best online music distributor.

Business Model

Always research the business model of a platform.Each platform has a different business model regarding distribution, with some taking a cut of the royalties while others charge a low flat rate per release.

Because it has become such a competitive market, it is possible to find a distributor that is very accommodating to the artist, so make sure to check all the options available and see which one is best tailored to you.

Keeping 100% of revenue of music sold on iTunes is an example of a great business model for a digital distributor. Any profits are entirely your own, with a flat rate charged per release covers the costs of distribution, letting the musician make the most from their work.


Making money on iTunes is much easier on a digital distribution platform that has a global reach.

The more countries they reach, the better chance you have of selling more music and making a larger profit. So, be sure to research the distribution platforms reach worldwide, seeing how many different countries they can distribute your music to.

Artist Services

What exactly does the distribution platform offer outside of the main distribution service? Look for a platform that offers attractive services such as YouTube monetisation, ringtone distribution, pre-order services on iTunes etc.

These will help expand your reach online and potentially make you more money, so a platform that offers more than basic distribution is well worth investing in.

Support Services

Online music distributors offer varying levels of client support, so it’s worth checking what is on offer from each platform to determine what is most suitable for you. For instance, platforms that accept anyone may not have the best support services in place, as they have too many people to deal with to provide adequate support.