The New Album is Hip!

Hop on to the New Jam

“If you want to go and take a ride with me, we 3-wheeling in the fo’ with the gold D’s, oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!) If you want to go and get high with me, smoke a L in the back of the Benz-E, oh why must I feel this way? (Hey, must be the money!)”

That is one of your favorite songs, is it not? Nelly is a good rapper, and he has got very interesting and catchy songs. Like Ride Wit Me, the one up there, and Over and Over Again with Tim McGraw (and really, who knew they could do a really great collab?). And you like those two songs and a few others, but where can you find them all in one place?

What is an album? What are these things that fans are crazy about and have a collection of them in their rooms? Albums, a medium that can be in the form of a compact disc (CD), vinyl, audio tape or another, is a collection of audio recordings as part of a collection. And that is a great invention! Being able to listen a bunch of your favorite songs by your favorite artists and you do not have to keep switching from one item to another. It is all there!

Hop on to the New Jam

Releasing albums is one of the most exciting events for fans of artists. Do you remember the days where you and a few others would flock to the music store to buy a hip-hop artist’s new album? And maybe you still do. After all, you cannot always just listen to them on YouTube and whether you like it or not, Spotify has missing songs. And how about that new YouTube app? You will have to pay to be able to acquire that…and either way, there are no albums there, right?

Nowadays, they are usually released through a compact disc or digitally. Many fans continue to show their support by buying their favorite artists’ albums though they could be expensive. Sometimes, fans also get albums from online, and they would still have to pay to get them. In short: There is not much difference when it comes to buying the album from a store and holding it physically and buying it digitally online, you would still need to buy it using your hard-earned money.

But what if you do not have the budget to buy your favorite hip-hop artists’ albums? Whether physically or digitally, you just cannot find a way to get the albums in your hands. They are too far away from reach that you cannot even see them at all. You avoid news about them dropping new albums, you avoid passing through music stores, and even avoid going to online stores until you have enough to buy them.

Luckily, there is kabza de small never give up. There are tons of hip-hop artists in there that you can choose from. And you can download their albums! For free! What is the catch? There isn’t one! You can easily access the website and you will find an amazing list of the artists that you love to listen to.