Let’s Distinguish Between Photographs & Their Nature

Photographs & Their Nature

In the recent times, commercial photography is on the higher demand because the advertisement & branding campaigns require a high volume of good quality pictures of buildings, landscapes, other materials for advertisement purposes. The main use of commercial photography is mainly in the retail sectors and wholesale sectors. In the entire photo shoot, the devotion is done to the product which is being photographed. When you search for a particular product, you often find stock photos related to it. The images are the result of commercial photography. There are private photographers in paris who are good at commercial photography.

The main idea of advertising photography is to capture the moods or emotions or feeling which a product can invoke in the viewer. The main purpose of advertising photography is to create a need to buy for the viewers. Advertising photographers need to tell a story about the product in whichever way possible so that the viewers feel a need to buy it.

Some of the common differences between commercial and advertising photography are discussed below:


The major difference between them is that of the intent. On the contrary, advertising photography intents to convince or persuade the viewer to purchase that product for himself. The main idea in advertising photography is to make the viewers want the product. Real estate advertisement involves commercial photos while other products like food, beverages, creams, etc. involve advertising photography.

Photographs Nature


The style of photography in commercial photography is neutral. There is strainer in framing so that there is nothing which distracts the viewer from the product. Different conditions like lighting and background are neutral so that the focus is more on the products. In the case of advertising photography, styling, and framing is more bold and inventive because the main focus in it to generate certain specific emotions among the viewers. In commercial photography, there is no use of dazzling lights as it could overwhelm the product. Dazzling lights can be used in advertising photography as the photographers have the right for creative freedom to interpret the products in their own innovative way. They can present the products, services, and ideas in a more interesting way. Some of the tools in advertising photography are bold colors and sharp contrasts.


The photos taken in commercial photography are used for promotional purposes or in the retail business. Whereas advertising photographers are hired by those companies who are looking to sell a product or market them to a new audience. Most of the commercials shown on television include advertising photography.


Commercial photography and advertising photography are different from each other. They both have their own purposes.Commercial photography is focused more on the product whereas advertising photography is more about making the viewers want their product.