How Brides Chooses a Wedding photographer

Some steps to follow when choosing a professional wedding photographer. This can be used as a guide for brides to help you understand wedding photography and what to expect from a wedding photography package.

Your budget

They say that on average you should spend 10% of your wedding budget on a wedding photography package. By now, you should have an idea of ​​what you can spend on your entire wedding. From this, you can determine how much you can spend on your photographer. While this is not a difficult and quick rule, it is certainly a starting point.

Choose a professional wedding photographer

Don’t be tempted to ask for a cheap wedding photographer. They are cheap for a reason! Always order a professional and resist the temptation to let to record your wedding. While you may have friends or family who produce high-quality photos of cars, children, or landscapes.

Choose your wedding photography style

Ask yourself if you want a traditional wedding photography package with formal portraits or a more relaxed and candid approach. While the candid or reporting style is probably the most popular right now, keep in mind that some wedding photographers will do this all day and not take any group photos. Of course, you’ll have to choose one that’s right for you, so if you really want multiple groups to be ready, you’ll need to find one that combines traditional and candid photography well all day.

Find your wedding photographer.

By now, you should have a good idea of ​​what you’re willing to spend and what style of photography you like. Now, it’s time to choose three of your favorites from the many websites or wedding fairs you’ve visited. Please understand that most professional atlanta wedding photographers will be happy to make an appointment with you one night to chat with you and show you more of their work.

Questions to ask

Ask to see the full set of wedding photos from your wedding day, most wedding photographers will be happy to show you a full set of photos, maybe even from your location if they have worked there before. Ask about insurance; the professional will have civil liability insurance and the necessary insurance to cover the emergency of your wedding if you get sick or have an accident the day before your wedding.

Find out if your wedding photographer will allow you to store all of your edited photos of the day on disk or on memory card to reprint as desired, without any copyright or watermark. Some wedding photographers will allow you to do this, and some still only allow you to print a few. Again, this can be reflected in the package price, so choose the offer method that is right for you.